Product Information

Typical Analysis

Digestibility DMD (Digestible Dry Matter) 86.9%
Crude Protein (% of Dry Matter) 31.5%
Metabolisable Energy 15.4 MJ/kg DM
Total Dry Matter 90.3%
Fat 9.9% of DM
Horse Digestible Energy 19.8 MJ/kg DM
Calcium 12000 mg/kg DM
Copper 520 mg/kg DM
Iron 73 mg/kg DM
Phosphorus 7000 mg/kg DM
Manganese 110 mg/kg DM
Sulphur 7900 mg/kg DM
Zinc 1300 mg/kg DM


Also contains:

Vitamin E (1000mg/kg), Vitamin B12, Biotin, Multiple strains of Probiotics, Omega 6 and 3 Oils.

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Nutritional Information

Active Ingredient

Ingredient Information

Vistacell Probiotic Kool Glow contains Vistacell, a patented strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which enables better feed utilisation and conversion, particularly in the hind gut of the horse. Vistacell provides “good” bacteria for the gut and helps to synthesize B group vitamins. Probiotics are proven to help with stress in the animal. These good bacteria help break down minerals so they can be absorbed. It also delivers vitamin production through fermentation, especially B12. The biological nature of these “bugs” act by consuming oxygen to grow and reproduce. This process of oxygen scavenging deprives other species of oxygen. One of the primary outcomes of this process is that it supresses the species that produce lactic acid. This in turn reduces the potential risk of diseases associated with lactic acid accumulation such as laminitis. Creating and retaining good bacteria in the hind gut can also aid in the reduction of Ulcer formation.
Vitamin E Plays a significant role in antioxidant functioning, antioxidants are an important tool in the management of the toxins that are released when a cell die. Cells are continuously being turned over, when they rupture they can release toxins that cause “oxidative stress”, this oxidation process causes nutrient burn up.  Providing daily doses of vitamin E  helps manage this oxidative process.
Vitamin B12 Key vitamin for brain and nerve function. Also essential for fatty acid and amino acid metabolism. B12 provides an integral role in the glucose utilisation at a cellular level.
Biotin (B7) Key coenzyme for metabolic function. Studies have shown improved hoof hardness and growth when supplemented (Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at The University of Edinburgh 1998). For the formation of Keratin to be successful it requires concentrations of Biotin to be available.
Magnesium Proven calming effect in horses, extremely important role in nerve/muscle function. Studies have shown increase in work capacity (less muscle tie up) in horses supplemented with Mg. Magnesium is stored in the nerve fibres and is responsible (in combination with other nutrients such as Calcium) for the successful transition of signals to the muscle. The intestinal tract of the horse has a myriad of smooth muscles that allow for the peristalsis movement of food. The Cecum is effectively a bag that is covered in smooth muscles, providing strong regular contractions. These contractions are responsible for coating and mixing feed with the microbes that inhabit the Cecum. Increased coating and mixing increases the fermentation rate and therefore the beneficial by-products derived from fermentation.
Copper Important for connective tissues (tendons) and collagen and bone formation. Plays a key role in hair/coat formation. Copper is an enzyme that acts as a chemical controller for the correct metabolic process.
Zinc Highly important mineral, key enzyme roles. Major influence on insulin production. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels. This is especially important when a horse is “working”. Also has an important role in immunity, helping to regulate nutrients that provide mucosa for physical protection from diseases.
Protein Meal Fatty protein meals provide good quality protein sources for tissue building and repair. The fat content is a “cool” energy source due to the nature of fat metabolism, regulated through the liver converting lipids to glucose in a process called glycogenesis.
Amino Acids Provide an increase in the bio availability of primary elements as there is a binding effect with the amino acids. Amino Acids provide essential building blocks for muscle growth and repair. This is more efficient than supplementing with protein alone, as proteins have to be broken down then rebuilt inside the animal. In Kool Glow they are already broken down to more simpler forms resulting in greater efficiency.

Dried molasses used, has a couple of key roles

  • Makes feed more palatable
  • Dust suppressor
  • Pre biotic (gut bugs feed on it)
EFA’s: Linolic Oil & Oleic Oil Essential fatty acids for metabolic function. When these two are combined in the right ratios there is significant improvements in skin elasticity, and fatty oils to hair follicles. Better coat luster and shine
Pollard Acting as a carrier, but also provides a role as a prebiotic, providing food to gut micro flora. Also cool energy source.

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