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The development of Kool Glow is the result of a life long involvement with the sheep and cattle industries where horses play a big part in the day to day running of the family farming operations.

Kool Glow evolved as a product through trial and error on horses that work for a living, this is where the balanced common-sense approach to developing Kool Glow came from. It is for this reason Kool Glow is providing horse people with the results they expect from their horse supplement.

As the owners and developers of Kool Glow we want to be part of your horse dream. If Kool Glow can help you achieve your horse goals in life then we can be very happy with our contribution to your horse endevours.

Ross Gibson Director

Bethany and Ross Gibson live and work a family farm at Delungra in Northern NSW. Ross has had a lifelong interest in the nutrition of all stock, ranging from cattle and horses through to dogs and poultry. On the Gibson's farm everyone believes that you have a responsibility to look after any animal in your care as well as you can. This means that nutrition is something the Gibson’s put a lot of time into, whether it be a valuable stock horse, trusty working dog or the humble laying hen.

Chris Maslen Director

Chris and his wife Sally operate a dairy farm in the picturesque mid north coast area of NSW. All animals, including horses, dogs and cattle, play an important role in the lives of the Maslen family. Chris believes firmly that just like people, the correct diet is essential for any animal to perform to its best, and it must receive the right balance of nutrition and exercise to excel in any area.

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