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Frequently asked questions and answers.

ANSWER: It s to do with the “Flight OR Fight” instinct. As a “flight” animal, horses will anticipate the situation and as a natural instinctive reaction, will pass a manure in order to be lighter as the flight instinct dictates they should be. This will shed some of the intestinal flora – considering replacing this is advantageous – Kool Glow will address that issue.
ANSWER: The muscular function involved in digestion is called peristalsis. Extra magnesium, in correct balance, aids in the process of muscle contraction (peristalsis), and with hind gut absorption being more efficient, the uptake of the balanced magnesium aids in that function – particularly when under stress.
ANSWER: Flow rate – “mouth to south” takes approximately 16hours. If environment is altered, or something new is digested by the horse and the instinctive responses of stress are triggered, it could be as fast as 20 mins – this resultant shedding can mean that the nutrient rich lining can also be expelled, and therefore needs repopulating. Kool Glow will repopulate the intestinal flora, whilst also replenishing the vitamin & mineral requirement.
ANSWER: As long as the vitamin & mineral contents are of the chelated variety – they will be absorbed in the hindgut in a much greater uptake, or absorption. The effects have a faster response time, the solubility, and thus the availability of the vitamins & minerals is dependent on the type and the quality being provided. Kool Glow only uses premium quality, chelated vitamins and minerals – nothing sourced out of China, all quality controlled & no fillers.
ANSWER: Excretion of excessive fluid can be in response to the stress of a situation (can simply be a change of normal routine), which initiates hormonal changes. The hormonal changes mean stress on the adrenals, which can result in scouring, and added stress to the kidneys and therefore increased excretion of fluid. On arrival, the dehydrate effect is more pronounced. The vitamin & mineral balance in Kool Glow addresses that effect as it is more quickly & efficiently absorbed in the hindgut.
ANSWER: Basically a mineral imbalance – there is a copper relationship with biotin, which produces the keratin and the semi solid compounds that it builds. Again – it is the metabolic balance which produces the best result. Everything has to be in balance so as not to upset other functions.
ANSWER: Laminitis starts with an imbalance, whether it be hormonally or nutritionally. Often laminitis has been treated with a “founder” product – which is a low grade antibiotic. Whilst fixing the founder issue at the outset, the antibiotic can also further disrupt intestinal flora – setting the stage for another bout of laminitis down the track. Kool Glow has the capacity to repopulate the intestinal flora and also restore the metabolic balance with the vitamin and mineral combination.

How much Kool Glow should I feed to my horse?




Miniature Pony < 200kgs 85 grams / day
Pony 200 - 349kg 115 grams / day
Galloway 350 - 400kg 125 grams / day
Hack 401 - 559kg 200 grams / day
Draught 550 - 800kg 200 grams / day