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Kool Glow – Is a premium intestinal metabolic supplement containing pre and probiotics, plus balanced bioavailable vitamins and minerals to ensure your horse has optimal hind gut health, strong healthy hooves, and a mirror like shiny coat.

Kool Glow Products

Kool Glow is the next generation in healthy equine intestinal metabolic health . It is formulated to provide the correct balance of vitamins and minerals in your horses diet to allow optimum gut health, which has the added benefits of improved performance, stronger hooves and better coats. Importantly Kool Glow provides cool energy source, is fully utilised by the horse and is safe for continuous feeding.

Kool Glow is different; by applying an interactional approach it allows us to deliver nutrients in combinations that are unique to Kool Glow. Kool Glow delivers these essential ingredients in highly available forms, this allows for maximum cellular impact without compromising other functions due to oversupply.

Kool Glow contains the following premium intestinal metabolic supplements.

• Vitamins and Minerals
All of our high quality, scientifically balanced vitamins and mineral are of the highest
feed grade quality possible, in a chelated highly bio-avalible form.
• Amino Acids
Provide an increase in the bio availability of primary elements as
there is a binding effect with the amino acids.
Amino Acids provide essential building blocks for muscle growth and repair.
• Essential Fatty Acids
Linoleic and Oleic essential fatty acids for metabolic function,
skin health, and a glowing shine. (Omega 6 & 3)
• Magnesium
Proven calming effect in horses, extremely important role in
nerve/muscle function.
• Cool Energy
Plant protein meals provide a role as a prebiotic, providing food to gut microflora.
Also provides a cool energy protein source.
• Probiotics
Kool Glow contains Vistacell, a patented strain of probiotic which
enables better feed utilisation and conversion, particularly in the hind gut of the horse.
• Zinc
Highly important mineral. Has an important role in immunity,
and a major influence on health levels.
• Copper
Important for connective tissues (tendons) and collagen and
bone formation. Plays a key role in hair/coat formation.
• Vitamin E
Plays a significant role in antioxidant functioning. Providing daily
doses of Vitamin E helps manage this oxidative process.
• Vitamin B12
Key vitamin for brain and nerve function, also provides an integral role
in glucose utilisation at a cellular level.
• Biotin (Vitamin B7)
For the formation of Keratin to be successful it requires concentrations
of Biotin to be available. Biotin is essential for overall hoof health.

Major Benefits of Kool Glow

  • Patented hind gut specific probiotic.
    Provides “good bacteria” for the gut and aids in synthasisation of B Group vitamins. These “good bacteria” help break down minerals so that they can be better absorbed and utilised. Probiotics are proven to help reduce stress in horses.
    Benefit 1
    Horse Wellness
  • Strengthen your horses hooves !
    Hoof improvement is noticeable after a couple of months. Not only does Keratin make up the major composition of hair, it is also the primary component of hooves. Hoof health is directly related to the supply of Keratin that is being delivered. Kool Glow allows the horse to manufacture high levels of Keratin, as well as delivering other key nutrients such as Biotin that play a significant role in improving and maintaining hoof integrity.
    Benefit 2
    Hoof improvement
  • Watch your horses coat shine !
    Amazingly, you will see the changes that occur with the horses coat, after only 21 days. Kool Glow contains balanced vitamins and minerals to ensure that your horse has optimal hind gut health, providing a healthy environment to keep your horse healthy and glowing, providing a mirror like gleaming coat - from the inside out!
    Benefit 3
    Horse Coat
  • Feeding your horse is affordable !
    Feed your horse only 200g with one meal, or 100g morning and evening.
    Benefit 4
  • No concerns for competitive horses !
    Kool Glow is 100% NON SWABBABLE. Compete with peace of mind.
    Benefit 5
    Competition Friendly
  • Relax, as Kool Glow is Non Toxic !
    Continuous feeding is fine, as there are NO toxicity concerns if used for long periods.
    Benefit 6
    Non Toxic